Portrait of a Fraud: Connecticut Attorney General Richard (“Tricky Dick”) Blumenthal

May 17, 2010
Portrait of a Fraud:  Connecticut Attorney General Richard (“Tricky Dick”) Blumenthal

No Attorney General has hounded Craigslist more over its ads for directly- compensated sex than former Nixon Administration insider, Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal.

While most of the adult ads on Craigslist deliver the sex they implicitly promise for the price implicitly communicated as acceptable, Blumenthal’s own marketing- of himself – is largely a fraud, as detailed in this New York Times expose.

now age 64,  in the picture he still uses on his Attorney General’s Office website.  If a hooker used a picture this old on Craigslist, I’d turn her away at the door.

To see what Blumenthal really looks like, click here.

Another Tricky Dick – a mangina and a dick at the same time.

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Ferdinand Bardamu’s Stupid Girl of the Month

May 17, 2010

For some insight into a warped mind typical of far left-wing Western women, check this out: April 2010 Stupid Girl of the Month

As I commented,

More evidence that rape isn’t always quite as horrible a crime as broads make it out to be.

In other words, in ain’t exactly murder. There should be a new phrase to replace “murder and rape”: “murder and mayhem.”

I’d say the stupid cunt got what she deserved, but I agree with Mike T that it appears that she got what she wanted. My guess would be she got caught in the act, half-coated in his semen, and needs to justify it to her friends.

While most guys probably think the closest thing to sex tourism for women is fucking the French G.O.’s at Club Med, in fact,  as documented by the movie “Heading South,” Haiti has long been a hotbed of sex tourism for hypergamous middle-aged American women who don’t think there are any guys in the United States good enough to fuck.   It appears that one more woman got what she really came there for (no pun intended).

The “rapee” is one of two women who are candidates for Bardamu’s monthly Stupid Girl of the Month contest – she’s winning unanimously, but there’s still time to pile on.

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And I look like Zac Efron

May 16, 2010

The Tampa Bay Times can always be counted on for headlines and captions that are someone stupid only a woman would say, usually misandric.

This caption particularly caught my eye.  It illustrates the hazard in making a wax figure out of a chick who’s still alive but used to be hot.

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DirkJohanson: Easy to Find Successor to Kagan

May 13, 2010
DirkJohanson:  Easy to Find Successor to Kagan

Law.com ran an article today discussing who would succeed Elena Kagan as Solicitor General of the United States, to which I commented:  “It shouldn’t be that hard to find a replacement equally as qualified as Kagan:  after all, there are plenty of people – like Kagan- who aren’t straight white guys .”

For those of you not versed what the Solicitor General does, oral argument is a big part of the job, and its something hundreds of thousands of attorneys throughout the United States have experience with, and that thousands of attorneys – in fact, perhaps tens of thousands of attorneys – do on a regular basis.

More on the Kagan nomination later, assuming she’s still in consideration by the time I get around to it, and hasn’t been offered a job she’s equally qualified for:  Designated Hitter for the Yankees.

Take a look at this picture and judge for yourself.  After all, based solely upon amount of judicial experience, you’re at least as qualified as Kagan to judge anything.

What am I saying!  If  you’re part of my intended readership – guys – you’re almost undoubtedly MORE qualified.

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April 22, 2010
Slate’s Prudence, a/k/a Emily Yoffe, is one of the worst of the advice columnists.  The smug-looking cunt’s advice tends to be both insipid and patently misandrist.  Just as I occasionally give bad advice or say something incorrect, “Prudie” occasionally stumbles into saying something intelligent and fair.  Otherwise, she’s Frau Farbissina brought to life.

In one column last year which brought her round and near-universal condemnation from both sexes, Prudie, perhaps revealing her own hygiene habits (or lack thereof), gave a guy shit for questioning whether it was hygienic for his girlfriend to rarely clean or change her bra.   Prudie claimed she “actually polled some of the cleanest women I know on their bra-washing schedules. The answers ranged from ‘weekly’ to ‘when my white bras look black and can walk themselves to the washing machine.’”

I’d hate to know what the bras of some of the dirtiest women she knows look like.
Prudie closed by snapping, “.. if you want your girlfriend of six months to be your girlfriend six months from now, you will drop the judgmental tone and think of yourself as a lucky explorer of a fascinating, strange land.“  Apparently, in 2010, Prudie considers any guy who gets to second base with his girlfriend of six months to be lucky.  So what if he feel a pair of clean, hot-chick tits in just about any full-contact lap-dance club in the United States for less than $50!  So what if I used to feel hot-chick tits at windowless peeps for a grand total of a buck-and-a-half ($1.50)!

Prudie’s bra post was actually an item of discussion on local radio as well among the women in my office.  From the 20-year-old heavily-tattooed mixed-race intern to the 55 year-old white lawyer recently-transplanted from West Virginia, the consensus was unanimous – a bra is worn once and then washed.

Earlier this year, Prudie, 55 (85 in girl years), gave perhaps the most senseless advice I’ve ever seen in an advice column – making, as he would be the first to proclaim, Dan Savage look like a good dispenser of wisdom to guys.  A lonely widower wrote,

“I am a 38-year-old widower. Three years ago, my wife passed away after a long illness. Our son was not quite 4. Since her death, my focus has been exclusively on him and my work. I have had no social life. My mother-in-law helps out, but she is quite old. I recently hired a woman to take care of my son until I get home from work. The woman is 24 years old, and my son adores her. She has a boyfriend of several years who seems like a good guy. Here’s the “problem.” She just told me she has a serious crush on me and is restless in her relationship. She has also made feints into discussions about sex with me, which I’ve brushed away. She is very attractive, and I have been completely alone since my wife passed, so this is pretty awesome on about 100 levels. But, of course, there are also a number of complications. I will not do anything if she is still seeing her boyfriend. If she does break up with him, what are my options?”

Prudie, obviously enraged by an age disparity that DirkJohanson would characterize as a bit on the narrow side, a rage echoed in the title of the ever-misandrist Tampa Bay Times’ reprint of the column entitled, “Widower, 38, Should Not Bed His Son’s Nanny, 24,” snapped:

If your name is Von Trapp and hers is Maria, that would color my answer. But before you two burst into a chorus of ‘My Favorite Things,’ I’m afraid pursuing this young woman, awesome though it may sound, is a bad idea on about 100 levels.

Prudie then went on to falsely characterize his post, “Since you’re already wondering whether you can hire her back when things don’t work out (answer: no), you clearly aren’t interested in her as more than a jump start to your too-long-dormant sexuality.“  In fact, the sincere, well-intentioned widower had posited the qu estion “If we eventually break up, can I (gulp!) hire her back?”If,” not “when.

Prudie, continued,  …”use the motivation she’s provided you to start looking for someone more suitable to date. This young woman has a pre-existing condition: She’s your son’s babysitter.  …But he’s now made an emotional connection to this young woman, and it would be unnecessarily confusing for him to lose her as a baby sitter because you started an affair with her. I applaud that your response to her feints has been to brush them off and not to ravish her. Since nothing’s happened yet, keep it that way. You need to tell her that you appreciate the wonderful job she’s doing with your boy, and you want her to continue, but you two must leave your relationship strictly as employer and employee. If she can’t accept that, then you have to let her go.”

Lets analyze the levels of idiocy in Prudie’s post:

1.  inability to read.

2.  distinguishing the situation from the Von Trapp family, WHICH WAS A TRUE STORY WITH A HAPPY AND HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER ENDING, revealing evidence of the ever-repeating pattern that, for all their good talk about marriage, many American women have little tolerance for a guy actually happily ending up with a woman he wants.  In this regard, Prudie falls squarely in that camp of women that proclaim that marriage is great, but actually only like marriage when it involves a woman 35 and over landing a rich guy.

3.  assumption that the going-on-25 babysitter has no other aspiration in life than to remain a babysitter forever.

4.  concluding that if the babysitter refuses to accept the rejection, that he is has to fire the babysitter, anyway, leaving the boy without a babysitter in the end – which, according to Prudie, was the very reason for her advice in the first place.

In a column out just within the past couple of weeks, Prudie again brought her poison to bear in an advice column about a girl who was having trouble having sex.   Describing a largely-psychological condition known as vaginismus, the girl wrote,

“every doctor has recommended that I get a boyfriend and come back after I try sex with him.”

This column presented the elderly Prudie, 55, who not surprisingly is on record criticizing hook ups, with the opportunity to advise something to the effect of, “Good idea.  instead of sharing the same handful of oversexed studs with all your girlfriends, give one of the other guys a chance – you know, one of the vast majority of guys that usually goes home from the club looking like they want to cry since all the girls have sex with the same few guys every night.  I’ll bet one of those guys would relish the opportunity to help you.”  At least that’s what DirkJohanson would say.

Instead, Prudie, who is not a doctor, blasted, contrary to successful advice I am personally familiar with, “forget the notion that there’s some Prince Charming with a magic wand who’s going to solve your problem.“   From apparently a single conversation with a non-physician hot chick from the Kinsey Institute (which in an earlier Monologue brought you Heather Rupp and her ludicrous assumption that women prefer having one-night stands with guys who have little sexual experience, Prudie speculated that the girl might have two vaginas, a quality no shortage of guys  – from Prince Charming to Attila the Hun – would appreciate for many obvious reasons

In other words, Prudie sided with the advice from her own conversation with a non-physician – possibly over cocktails –  over the advice of not just one gynecologist who personally examined the girl, but also the gynecologist who personally examined the girl in order to provide a second opinion and the gynecologist who personally examined the girl to provide a third opinion.

The prospect of dating a girl with two vaginas does raise an interesting question, though:  what would the her ass be used for?

Never mind.  I answered my own question in this post.  The ass could write an advice column for Slate.

And now, I’ll leave you with the song that, thanks to cuntie Prudie, the lonely widower and babysitter will NOT be playing at their respective weddings, if any:

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The Richness of Howard Scheinberg’s Penis

April 22, 2010
The Richness of Howard Scheinberg’s Penis
“I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”
-Sonya Sotomayor, with minor variation, on a few occasions, over the course of  years in planned speeches

What Sotomayor would say about the conclusions of a Latina woman who was fucking a white guy who hasn’t lived that life – and if that same guy was prosecuting a murder case before that Latina woman – is not at all clear.

Which brings us to the case of the first Latina judge ever to take the bench in Broward County, Florida, Ana Gardiner, who was appointed to the bench at the tender age of 36, an age at which few white guys have a prayer of being appointed to the same job.  Gardiner was apparently fucking the white guy prosecutor while she was presiding over the murder trial of a Latino guy.  The richness of her experiences, which in this case apparently included inserting a guy named Howard Scheinberg’s schlong in her vagina, eventually led to the conclusion that the guy on trial should get the death penalty.

Lest one conclude that Gardiner was a lonely single mom, who just needed a little romance in her life, there are also credible rumors that, in the not-too-distant past, she was banging a guy convicted of Medicaid fraud (even attending his going-off-to-prison yacht party), as well as another prosecutor with cases in front of her.

Today, Gardiner resigned.

We can only hope that the bullying, misandrist, and undersexed Sotomayor takes it as a cue, if not for resigning, at least for getting some.  In the latter regard, someone call Elena Kagan.
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Westgate Resorts Timeshare Studies Conclude Single Guys are Less Susceptible to Scams than Women

April 16, 2010
Westgate Resorts Timeshare Studies Conclude Single Guys are Less Susceptible to Scams than Women

For those of you who are not that familiar with timeshares, timeshares purchased directly from a timeshare developer are a huge ripoff.  I know – I used to sell them, and I’m not proud of it.  Don’t let the presence in the timeshare industry of corporations that earned their good names in other industries fool you – names such as Disney and Marriott.  Timeshares purchased from the developer are a ripoff if you buy through those companies, too.

As if the annual fees – most of which are only obliquely mentioned during the sales tour -  are not enough to make it more economical to simply stay in an equivalent hotel, resale values for timeshares – which generally sell initially in the low five figures – are virtually 0 everywhere.  And often the resale value is plain-old 0, as in $0.00 – unsellable.  While there are a lot of bogus purported timeshare resale companies that will take your money to run ads to sell your timeshare, there is virtually no real market for used time shares.  Basically, the $15-25K one typically pays a developer as the cost for a timeshare results in having something which is entirely worthless immediately.  Without the free ticket offers, snake skin-booted sales managers, and felons conveniently placing their hands over the bad news in the fine print at the closing table, forget about selling it.

About the only thing aspect of timeshares that isn’t a ripoff is that timeshare resorts pay people handsomely just to come look at them and endure the sales pitch.  While timeshare developers typically give away free tickets to theme parks and such to get people to look at the resorts, they also sometimes give away cash.  In recent years, it was not unusual to find resorts paying people $100 and up just to take the purportedly “only 90-minute” tour.

I have some free time tomorrow in Orlando, and so I figured I’d spent some of that time making money sitting through a timeshare sales pitch, which in my case also has some entertainment value – sometimes a lot of entertainment value.  I basically turn the sales tour into a comedy routine, even if it just entertains myself, though its hard for the salesperson not to pick up on it.

What I found out today, however, is that while historically single people of both sexes could get the free tickets and cash to tour the resorts, at least one major timeshare developer – in fact, the single-largest privately-held timeshare company in the world – Westgate Resorts – no longer offers such inducements to single guys.  Westgate will still tour single women, but, in their experience, single guys so rarely are suckered into “investing” in a timeshare that it doesn’t pay for them to give us free tickets or cash to see the resorts.  And, of course, single guys – as opposed to married guys – aren’t stuck bringing their spending half with them on a timeshare sales presentation.

First, to back up a bit, I want to say that there are a variety of reasons guys get married that do not in any way indicate that someone is generally prone to being scammed.  Included among those are:

-wanting to please one’s parents;

-guilt over having slept with a chick for so long;

-lack of game combined with an aversion to doing hookers;

-the spectre of lifestyle altering child support obligations were one not to marry the babymama;

-having done too much MDMA while watching a Nora Ephron movie marathon; and

-having political aspirations and meeting the daughter of a wealthy and politically-connected Arizona beer distributor.

That having been said, I have long maintained that single, straight, never-married guys over about age 25 are the best possible jurors for the plaintiff or prosecution to want to have in a case involving a scam.  Having not fallen for what, painting with a broad brush, is the world’s most pervasive scam – modern marriage – we have proven ourselves adept at spotting a ripoff.

Westgate Resorts – with nearly 30 years of successful experience to draw from in the timeshare industry – obviously agrees.  We should take Westgate’s patent gender discrimination against guys as a compliment.

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Upper Big Branch Mine Final Death Toll: 29 Guys, 0 Women.

April 11, 2010

The final death toll is in: 29 guys, 0 women.


It was the worst mining disaster in 40 years. That one, at Hurricane Creek in Kentucky, claimed 38 guys.

And Zero women.


Two years before Hurricane Creek, there was an even worse mining disaster in which 99 guys were killed.

And Zero women.

Adding the three together is 166 guys, 0 women dead.

In 2008, the most recent year for which the Bureau of Labor Statistics has issued its annual report, guys represented 93 percent of all workplace deaths in the United States mining or otherwise, even though women were responsible for 43 percent of all hours worked.

Funny – we never hear women complaining about these statistics.

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Study: Antibodies Prevent STDs

April 7, 2010

In a more-than-three-decade long bombshell study, laboratories have confirmed that antibodies can be just as effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases as they are in preventing many other types of diseases.

The study participant is a guy whose sex life started started relatively slowly, but soon accelerated to include having sex with scores of hyper-sexually-active women, including hookers and swingers. Earlier in life, the participant would feel like he was coming down with a cold simply from making out with relatively innocent and inexperienced girls. Not long thereafter, he graduated to prostitutes, including one who became his girlfriend and with whom he had unprotected sex 1-2 nights a week for a year and a half while she was having sex with about 10 other guys a day. He even once managed to avoid coming down with chlamydia when, in approximately 1985, he was the third and final guy blown by a Manhattan street whore with a half-inch-long protruding growth on her face for a total of $20 (i.e., $6.67 each rounded to the nearest penny), and the first two guys blown tested positive for the disease.

The study participant has also been an active and semi-regular swingers clubgoer since 1993, and been involved in at least two 10 guy or more gang bangs.

Moreover, the study participant is quintissentially average:  he’s slightly-below average American height, and isn’t wealthy.  Even besides the hookers and swingers, the women who he has sex are obviously not that particular about who they do it with, and he hasn’t taken a  virginity since 1982.

Yes, I received yet another round of negative STD results test yesterday. I’m still 0 for my lifetime.

Living evidence, if not downright proof.  Forget about what you’ve seen on TV and heard in health class.

DirkJohanson:  STD-free since the Kennedy Administration.

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Reminder: Guys Studies, this Wednesday, April 7

April 5, 2010
Reminder:  Guys Studies, this Wednesday, April 7

Since you won’t be hearing about it on Oprah – since, among other reasons, chances are, being a guy,  you don’t have the luxury of lazing around the house all day watch TV – I’m giving you this reminder about the special program scheduled for this Wednesday, April 7, which you can attend by teleconference for only $15.

The program is a gathering of academicians drawn from a range of disciplines to examine the declining state of guys.

As most of us have figured out by now, if we don’t stand up for ourselves and our fellow guys, no one will.  “Equal opportunity” long ago gave way to “empowerment.”  Women just managed to have gender rating eliminated from health insurance – so now those of you that don’t get laid much or who do get laid but are vigilant about condom use – will have the honor of underwriting the cost of HPV-related health care treatment for chicks that refuse to fuck you – or who at least refuse to fuck you unless you pay them one way or another.

Meanwhile, of course, gender rating in auto insurance, which generally keeps the cost lower for women than guys, will continue.

I have long warned than a substantial segment of the Western female populace seeks as their unstated end goal a sort of reverse Saudi Arabia, albeit one where guys can drive, but only to work.

If the thought of that doesn’t concern you, bear in mind that one of the few statistical disparities that feminists rarely complain about is the extraordinarily lopsided combat death ratio.  They don’t mind that they so rarely get killed in battle.  By contrast, Saudi sheikhs don’t send their women off to war.  Indeed, they take very good care of them, even if just with sexual purposes in mind.  But Western women, increasing in love with their vibrators, dildos, and each others’ bodies, would have far less such incentive if they are in charge.

Don’t assume anything uglier than anything you can even conceive of is possible if we don’t start defending ourselves now.  If your over 40, your mothers and grandmothers are probably too old to be influential, or will be soon.  If your under 40, its likely that when your mother thinks of “men” she thinks of her ex-husband(s), babydaddy(ies), and the thugs that fucked her and dumped her.   Unless you’re under 18 and your mother happens to be friends with a female Florida school teacher, you can expect little more than refuge.  Like Anne Frank.  And you know how well that worked out.

We need to defend ourselves now, within the system, so it doesn’t have to be resolved in the street.

The live teleconferenced colloquium will be co-chaired by Judith Kleinfeld, PhD, Professor of Psychology and Director of the Boys Project at the University of Alaska, and Lionel Tiger, PhD, Rutgers University Charles Darwin Professor of Anthropology. It will encompass a broad range of topics relevant to the study of guys in contemporary society ranging from our roles in the family and workforce, as well as our physical and emotional health, to the growing problem of misandry—the hatred of guys, an unacknowledged but underlying socio-cultural, economic, political and legal phenomenon endangering the well-being of both genders.

As I said, it is only $15 to sign up online for the two-hour teleconference.  You can sign up by clicking on the above banner.

The teleconference runs from 11AM to 1PM, so you can listen-in over a cell phone during lunch hour and neither your wife nor girlfriend nor employer will even know.

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